Why I Love Tenacious Urban Plants

IMGP5348 (1)

I would say that we have lost the capacity to see beauty in the world around us unless it serves
as a clear example of grandeur –

IMGP5394 (1)

– but then again, I’m not sure we ever truly grasped that art.

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The sacred is all around us.

IMGP5397 (1)

It’s all holy ground.

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Let’s hear it for life that survives in the cracks,

IMGP5378 (1)

that makes use of the margins,

 IMGP5438 (1)

that finds ways to survive regardless of the odds.





(necessary disclaimer: Invasive plants in native habitats are a huge problem. I am not suggesting otherwise. In our times, nearly all of our ecosystems have been disturbed by humans’ prioritizing their short term desires over holistic ecosystem dynamics. However, there are scraps of ground where life and beauty can be found in spite of great odds. These represent a vivid call to stop and pay attention – and to begin to treat the world (its people and its non-human species) with love and care because we recognize the inherent worth of all interconnected life.)