A Litany for All Women on Mother’s Day

A Litany for Mother’s Day:

One: On this day, we honor women.
All: We honor all who give life,
all who sustain life,
all who nurture and care,
all who mend and strengthen.

We remember and we rejoice in their presence in our lives.

One: At the same time, we grieve.
All: We grieve with those who remember their loss.
For mothers no longer present among us in bodily form.
For women who wished to be biological mothers,
but whose lives or bodies took a different path.

We mourn also the pain of broken relationships,
the sorrow of those who could not be what they wanted to be,
those who could not be what we needed,
those who could not be what the world needed,

We remember and we grieve.

Where forgiveness is called for,
we work to forgive.

One: We lift up to you all women.
All: We lift up all women who give of themselves in the raising of a child,
regardless of whether that child is theirs by blood.
We are grateful for the presence of so many who give so much.

One: This day we honor women,
All: whose spirit and gift has blessed our lives.
We lift up our gratitude.
We lift up our prayers for forgiveness.
We lift up our joy and our sorrow.
And we release it all into God’s loving presence.


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