The Work

In the contemporary context of fluid, violent, hardened hegemonic neoliberal capitalism, I focus on living ethically through: resistance to oppression; dismantling the structures of oppression; living and working in solidarity with marginalized people; and helping to create and contribute to a culture and practice of mutuality, equity, joy, and compassion, where people and the planet are cared for, respected, and safe.

I am especially interested in the analysis of power, the experience of place, and the practice of holy and human communion.

I am a community theologian and pastor of a small, diverse UCC congregation in the American South.

The work and the perspective captured on this site originally evolved before I began working in congregational ministry. However, it remains relevant in its depiction of the theology that guides my daily engagement with my congregation and the community.

My practice emphasizes care and presence, learning, collaboration, humor, imagination, and the building of porous, meaningful communities.